A Family of Churches

Sojourn Montrose is a part of Sojourn Houston, a family of churches seeking to share Jesus with our neighbors for the glory of God and the good of our city. Sojourn Houston churches are marked by shared theology, shared church structure, shared philosophy of ministry, and shared values.



We believe the Church is marked primarily by submission to the Scriptures. The Bible is the pure Word of God, the only absolute authority for Christians, and all things within the church are governed/managed accordingly. As a broadly Reformed family of churches, we affirm three marks of a true church:  (1) the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word, (2) the faithful administration of the Sacraments (Baptism and the Lord's Supper), and (3) the faithful exercise of church discipline. These marks, in addition to the Sojourn Houston values, characterize each and every Sojourn congregation. 

The Sojourn Houston Confession of Faith receives the Nicene Creed, the Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement, and the 5 doctrinal distinctives of the Acts 29 Network. Although we do not require our members to agree on every point, the confession below forms the theological identity of Sojourn Montrose Church.


& Values

The language of our mission statement is intentionally broad. In crafting a local church mission statement that could just as easily describe the mission of the global Church, we mean to communicate that we have no interest in being new or novel. We desire only to be faithful wherever God has us. Throughout history, God's people have been called to join God in His plan of redemption. 


We hope to see the people of God united under their identity in Jesus, making disciples of their neighbors by building relationships, exposing them to the Christian community, and sharing the gospel in word and deed.

We hope to see a family of multiplying Neighborhood Parishes equipping the saints, empowering new leaders, and sending new parishes until each neighborhood is saturated with gospel presence.

We hope to see a family of churches laboring together to plant new churches in new neighborhoods and new cities, each joining the historic work of redemption in their local context.

We hope to see the gospel of Jesus Christ spread to the far corners of the earth, establishing local, national, and international ministry partnerships for the glory of God, the growth of the Church, and the good of the nations.

We summarize this vision in that we:






In order to facilitate unity, clarity, and cooperation, Sojourn Houston churches share the following core values:  

Strategic Church Planting
Justice & Mercy
Redeemed Family
Integration of Faith & Work
Artistic Expression



Sojourn Montrose Church is non-denominational. However, we do not believe that autonomy is a Biblical value. We believe that partnerships in the gospel are essential. To that end, we work closely with other Sojourn Houston churches and affiliate with the following networks:  the Acts 29 Network, the Houston Church Planting Network, and Redeemer City-to-City.

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