Sojourn Montrose organizes communities in order to Make Disciples. In the Neighborhood Parish, we reach wide by creating space to follow Jesus, pray and share a meal that is open to everyone. In Renewal Groups, we reach deep to cultivate disciples of Jesus by conforming ourselves to His image in Obedience.


The Neighborhood Parish

A Neighborhood Parish is a Jesus-centered community that lives out the mission of God together in a specific area, to a specific people by living out the Gospel in tangible ways and explaining the truth and light of the Gospel to others. Neighborhood Parishes meet once per week in a home to share a meal and pray for one another.

There is no prerequisite to visiting a Neighborhood Parish. The map below can help you find the closest one to you. Simply shoot us an email,  and we can make an introduction for you. Please note, all locations are approximate - email us to find the specific gathering location.

The Goal: Make Disciples of all nations, baptizing them into the church in the name of God.

Sojourn Montrose Neighborhood Parishes



Renewal Groups are where Sojourn Montrose Members connect deeply with one another. We share our stories and sin, listen well to each other, and apply God’s Word and Gospel to one another in order to join the Spirit of God in the renewal of all things. Renewal Groups meet every other week. Belonging to a Neighborhood Parish is the first step to plugging into a Renewal Group.

The Goal: Make Disciples of all nations, teaching them all that Jesus commanded.

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Joining as a Member

We were never meant to live our spiritual journey in isolation. Christ designed His Body in such a way that we depend upon each other for growth, progress, and effectiveness. The New Testament knows nothing of a Christian untethered to a local congregation. Join us for our next membership class to learn about the core values of Sojourn and explore what it means to join our family

Why does Sojourn Montrose practice Church Membership?


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