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We are now disbursing and allocating funding to those affected by hurricane Harvey. If you or someone you know is in financial or volunteer need, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as quickly as possible. 

Even if you think "my request is only modest, I will be able to handle it" or "my family/neighbor/coworker will get help elsewhere" please fill out this form so we can pray, and reach out for prayer and assistance.

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On-Going and Long-term Relief


Volunteers: While Sojourn Montrose has ceased coordinating volunteer teams for shelters, there are still needs at some shelters. Please visit on of the following links to sign up on you own at a shelter or through organizations coordinating recovery efforts:

Samaritan's Purse Relief

National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster

The Shelter at NRG



Sojourn Montrose is working in tandem with multiple organizations to send out house recovery teams. As we become aware of needs through the request form, we will continue to build teams and send them out to help in recovery and rebuilding efforts.  Please contact us using the Flood Relief Request button above if you know someone who needs assistance. Now that the city is returning to a normal rhythm, many of these teams will be sent out on Saturday. If you want to be informed of the next home clean up, fill out this form and click "submit."

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Items: Currently, we aren't aware of donation needs at any shelter that are not being met by other, larger churches and organizations. However, if you know of a need, please let us know utilizing the form above. We will be swift in announcing a new donation drive as needs occur and we move into long term care and relief for our fellow Houstonians.


Financial Donations: We will utilize the Sojourn Houston Benevolence fund to give financial resources to people in need. If you want to donate money, you can do so here: