We are excited to celebrate Holy Week again this year at Sojourn Montrose! Depending on church background, some of us may or may not be familiar with the different days we observe during Holy Week. We hope this guide helps give context to the most imporant week in the Christian liturgical calendar. Please join us for as many of these times as you can so we can collectively remember and celebrate God’s faithfulness to his people in the life, death and victorious resurrection of Jesus! 

As a reminder, Neighborhood Parishes will not formally gather during Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday

Thursday, March 29 

7:00pm - 1846 Westheimer

A gathering to remember the last meal Jesus shares with his disciples and the institution of Communion. The word “maundy” comes from the Latin word, “mandatum” (where we get the English word “mandate”) which is often translated as “to give”, “to entrust” or “to order”. We take communion and pray together also remembering Jesus’ final moments before his betrayal in Gethsemane.


Palm Sunday

 Sunday, March 25

10:00am - River Oaks Theatre

A gathering to remember the beginning of the last week of Jesus’ life. This Sunday is significant as Jesus enters Jerusalem for the last time. It is the beginning of Passover, meaning Jerusalem is filled with many who have come to celebrate Passover. Jesus is welcomed triumphally, entering Jerusalem on a donkey fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9. 

Good Friday

 Friday, march 30

7:00pm - 1846 Westheimer

A gathering to remember Jesus’ arrest, trial, suffering, crucifixion, death and burial. This is a time to mourn; first for the death of Jesus in spite of his innocence and second, for our sin which necessitated his death. Because this is a time of mourning, and therefore communion is not traditionally celebrated. However, we do not mourn as those without hope, and accordingly, the gathering ends with this phrase “Sunday is coming!”

Holy Saturday

Saturday, March 31

11:00am-1:00pm - Menil Park

In Eastern Orthodoxy this day, known as Holy Saturday, is also called The Great Sabbath since it is on this day that Christ "rested" physically in the tomb. Since it was the Sabbath day, the disciples also rested. Accordingly, Sojourners will share a meal together in Menil Park, resting before the Lord. In so doing, we prepare ourselves to celebrate Resurrection Sunday and the beginning of a new “week,” a new time in redemption history. Bring your own lunch and join us!

Resurrection (Easter) Sunday

Sunday, APRIL 1

10:00am - River Oaks Theatre

A gathering to remember the resurrection of Jesus in victory over Satan, sin and death! The darkness and mourning of Good Friday is shattered by the light and joy of Jesus’ all-conquering miraculous resurrection in power and glory. As Mary Magdalene sees Jesus, and proclaims “I have seen the Lord!” we also proclaim that we have seen the Lord! We rejoice because in Jesus’ victorious resurrection we receive peace, both with God and one another. Jesus greets his disciples with this reality as he says: “Peace be with you!”