This Summer, we want to collectively review our income, expenses and giving, and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into further generosity in order to give an additional $12,000 per month on a recurring basis. This is a giving increase about $100 per member of Sojourn Montrose.

A Vision for Sojourn Montrose

At Sojourn Montrose, every time we have made extra space, people have filled it. Our biggest challenge has never been getting people through the door; our biggest challenge remains finding a seat for them when they do. This is true not only of our Sunday gatherings; It is also true of our Neighborhood Parishes as our primary way of connecting people to our church family. This means we are always looking for creative solutions to this ever-present need. A present solution that allows us to make more space is to hire a third staff member.

We have never emphasized programs, mainly because our “program” is people. A third staff member would allow Reid to delegate his time from facilitating the Sunday gathering and back end administration in order to what he was ideally hired to do: First, to create systems that equip our Parishes and their leaders to flourish and multiply and, second, to oversee and implement financial and facilities systems that create more space on Sundays. With our current staff we simply don’t have the margin to think creatively during the week because we end up spending most of our time maintaining current systems and reacting to immediate needs.

Our vision is to Make Disciples, Multiply Parishes and Plant Churches. As Covenant Members, we are all responsible for realizing this. These resources will help our staff support our church to fulfill this mission. Our staff is lean because our focus is clearly on supporting the church’s members (which includes its staff) to realize the mission of God in Montrose.

A Commitment to Stewardship

Sojourn Montrose does need more income to realize this vision, but that isn’t the only reason we are asking for your generosity. The majority of us have the financial capacity to be more generous. God calls us to steward His money, which means we must pray and consider what sacrificial giving and holistic stewardship looks like. If you haven’t given yet, you will always be a non-giver until you start. There is never a strategic time to start giving; giving is always a step in obedience, trust and faith that what God says about money is true. As we pray, if we aren’t giving well, we believe the Holy Spirit will graciously convict us to actively consider what it means to invest in God’s kingdom through sacrificial giving.

We believe that generosity toward the local church is an investment in that kingdom. God continues to bring more people to Sojourn Montrose because He is including us in the story and work of His kingdom here. As stewards of what He has given us, we want to respond faithfully:

  • Pray that through us God would provide the income needed to realize this vision for Sojourn. 
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would graciously convict and move us toward joyful generosity.
  • Examine your budget, income and current giving, request help with budgeting if necessary.
  • Increase your recurring gift through Pushpay, or set up giving for the first time!