A Family of CHURCHES

 Sojourn Montrose is a part of Sojourn Houston, a family of churches seeking to share Jesus with our neighbors for the glory of God and the good of our city. Sojourn Houston churches are marked by shared theology, shared church structure, shared philosophy of ministry, and shared values.


Our Neighborhood Parishes

As a church, Sojourn Montrose is organized into groups called neighborhood parishes, which we often refer to as the "backbone" of all that we do at Sojourn. Historically, the word "parish" has been used to refer to a geographic area with a minister. At Sojourn we believe the bible teaches that all Christians are called to be ministers of reconciliation. The reason we call them Neighborhood Parishes is they are groups of men and women seeking to minister to our neighborhood. The way we aim to do that is to simply live life together, love and serve one another, and love and serve our neighbors. 


Our leaders


We are committed to providing Sojourn's essential operations with a humility that reflects the character and nature of our God. The following staff members serve in their positions in either a full-time or part-time capacity:


Staff Elders



As a staff member, Marshall is the Pastor of Preaching & Vision. He oversees Sojourn's preaching ministry and provides leadership to the church.

Reid and Micah.png


As a staff member, Reid is the Pastor of Operations & Mobilizaton.  He works to effectively implement Sojourn’s vision and manage all things administrative.





As a staff member, Chelsea is the Director of the Kid's Gathering. She facilitates the team, trains members, and works to theologically equip the children on Sojourn. 




As a Resident at Sojourn Montrose, Carlos preaches, and facilitates all parts of Sojourn Montrose. He and his wife Chelsea are preparing to plant a new church, Sojourn East End in late 2018.


As a Resident at Sojourn Montrose, Cole preaches and oversees all volunteer teams. He and his wife Anna are preparing and discerning where and when to plant a new church. 



Zach Calhoon

Michelle Calhoon

Gabby Cawthorn

Sid Cawthorn

Nicole Dallas

Jordan Griebner

Anna Kirby

Cole Kirby

Chelsea Jones

Brian Lokey

Danielle Lokey

Nick Lipscomb

Christian Petitt

Olivia Petitt

Carlos Rebollar

Chelsea Rebollar

Eric Reese

Caroline Rothschild

Clayton Rothschild

Caitlin Simpson





Payton Simpson

Adam Slagle

Jocelyn Slagle

Micah Squires

Amanda Thompson

Travis Thompson

Joseph Tracy

Sara Tracy

Bill Torti

Liz Torti